This Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park Laugh Remix Is The Exact Reason Why The Internet Was Invented

Juvenile? Perhaps. But there’s no denying the laugh of Dr. Ian Malcom has been transformed into the fire that could spark all jams. The possibilities of lines from this flick turning into tunes are limitless. Remix of the Aussie hunter switching between “Clever Girl” and “Shoot Herrrrrr” to a smooth R&B cover of Samuel L. saying “Hold On To Your Butts”. Hell even Newman can swing in with a jazzy version of “Ah-Ah-Ah, You Didn’t Say The Magic Word”. You may also hate this happy crap but it’s inevitable. Get on it Internet, Zollo needs more material before actually moving onto real and credible music. Can these happen? Damn right. If nothing else – Life, uh, finds a way.

Second best Jurassic Park related musical effort. The first:

They do move in herds…