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Is Darren Sproles The Toughest Human Being Who Ever Lived?


Not even because he very clearly should have been decapitated on this play alone. But Darren Sproles has been in the NFL since 2005. TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE! I was in high school in 2005 when Sproles was getting tackled by Shawne Merriman in practice every day. Now it’s 2018 and fuckin’ Mighty Mouse over here is still lowering his shoulder into safeties and popping off the ground with a smile on his face. It’s insanity. He’s not even making that much money this season relative to his peers. He should go into the owner’s box the next time he gets his head spun around like an owl and ask for at least double what he’s getting paid right now.

Darren Sproles is all of 5’2″ 170 lbs soaking wet. Last year was the first season of his career where he played less than 13 games. 35 year old Darren Sproles still toting the rock, running routes and returning kicks is utter lunacy. The fact that he can even get out of bed in the morning after playing high school, college, and professional football each of the last 20 years at his size and position without many injuries absolutely puts him in the running for toughest human being to ever grace the planet and I’ll hear no debates to the contrary.