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Andrew McCutchen Hilariously Rants on Instagram About How The Seattle Hotel The Yankees Are Staying At Lost All Of His Luggage

Goddamn I love Andrew McCutchen. He may not have a lot of hits with the Yankees so far, but he’s a great human being. At the bare minimum he’s a great vet in the clubhouse and gives this team some character it so desperately needs. Take this video for example. Cutch is posted up in his Seattle hotel on an off day before the Yankees get set to play the Mariners tomorrow night. He was just trying to go out and enjoy the sights on a rare day off in a cool city. Well, what happened? The hotel lost McCutchen’s luggage. How does that happen? How does a hotel lose your luggage? Where could it have gone? So now McCutchen doesn’t have any of the clothes that he packed for the road trip. All he has is his bath robe and debates going out in public with it until his sister calls to remind him he had to have worn clothes to the hotel in the first place. Eventually he ventures out dressed like “a bishop” in his owns words. All of a sudden this nightmare turns into a rant on Siri. We’ve all been there. Siri tells us we’ve arrived somewhere when in fact we’re nowhere near the place. McCutchen is just one of us. Love this guy. Please start producing with the Yankees and we’ll really start having some fun.

I kind of hope he goes out to breakfast tomorrow in full uniform. I’m so here for more McCutchen selfie videos. If Mike Trout had an ounce of charisma that Cutch does he’d be a cultural superstar.