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We Are Relaunching Red Line Radio The Chicago Way: By Having A Drink Special and Speed Pitch Contest At Joe's On Weed St. On 9/23

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If you know anything about me you know I love a good speed pitch.  I also love a good competition.

I love both so much, that myself and the Red Line Radio crew are putting together a 64 man speed pitch competition at our relaunch party on September 23rd.

“Hey WSD, I would waste your midget ass and want in on the action, how can I join?”

Funny you should talk shit since I’m a 4x defending speed pitch champion at Barstool at the Cell.

Did you play HS baseball?  College?  Babe Ruth League as a 20 year old against prepubescent freshman in HS?  Do you want a piece of me and Carl?

The simply come to our relaunch party at Joe’s on Weed Street on September 23rd with $20 cash.

We are throwing a Red Line Radio relaunch party and holding the competition somewhere in the back room.  64 man tournament.  $750 cash to the winner if 64 people step up. May the odds forever be in your favor, or however that one quote from that one stupid movie goes.

Don’t want to join the action?  Come to Joe’s on the 23rd anyways.  Doing it big for the last weekend of Summer.  This is everything you’ll get that day:

* Bears vs. Cardinals

* Sox vs. Cubs

* $25 all you can drink wells/ domestics for the Bears game!!!!

* Access to the brain of the biggest horse racing degenerate on earth: my dad

* Live recording of Red Line Radio

* Rooftop, pizza, music, and more.  Everyone in Chicago has been to Joe’s and knows what an awesome time it is


Any questions, hit me up on twitter @barstoolwsd