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This Video Of A Man Chasing A Dog Through The Busy Streets Of Manhattan Is A Roller Coaster Ride Of Emotions (The Dog Is Fine)


Look, I know that New Yorkers get a lot of shit for being an angry group of people that live in a dump and most of that reputation has been earned. However, there are a lot of good New Yorkers in this overcrowded shitty city and a few of them made an appearance in this video. Granted many of them have the tackling ability of my infant son, but at least they tried unlike some of those slack jawed locals. Then again, I’ll fully admit that if some random dude on a bike came up to me in NYC yelling about catching a dog, I would instantly think that he was an internet prankster that was looking to make my dumb ass go viral on the internet as I chased a rat. Would my dog loving instincts have kicked in and caused me to overcome every obstacle and wrap up that pooch like Antonio Pierece did against the Packers in the 2007 NFC Championship Game?

I think so. I hope so. But you never know what you will do until you are in that situation.

The craziest part of all this is that the guy recording the video wasn’t even the owner of the dog. The real owner barely even thanked him for risking life and limb while chasing his loose dog with unlimited stamina and Turbo button.

“Was finishing up with a tour with NYC Adventure eBike Tours and a block away from the garage, my wife and I spotted a dog escaping from his owners arms. My quick reaction was to try and rescue the dog. If you notice at the beginning of the video there is a guy in a black tank top chasing the dog. That is the owner of the dog. After I rescued the dog and returned him back to his owner, we were excepting a big gigantic thank you, but that never happened. Basically guy got the dog, said thanks and walked away. All in 10 seconds. That was the entire ending.”

What a fucking hero. I’d say this all could have been a giant attempt to make NYC Adventure eBike Tours to go viral. But no sane person would allow a dog to run loose on the FDR any time of day. Hopefully the owner of that dog can make life at home better to the point his dog doesn’t choose running loose in a city full of crazy people and yellow taxis over sitting inside and doing dog stuff in a likely cramped apartment.