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It's About Time Every Brunch Place Started Serving A Delicious Crab Cake Benedict

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Must I go on? I mean, I could literally end the blog right now, after that title and that picture, and not a single person would say that I didn’t make my case. However, I’m not going to do that. You don’t win 2 DunkinGo2 Awards for being a great blogger by ending blogs after 1 sentence, or even 1 paragraph.

So now we’re on paragraph 2 and I will expand. This blog came to be because I have friends coming into town, into the Big Apple as we call it, and I am looking for a place to eat brunch on Saturday. Side note: the sign you’re old is you don’t immediately search for a bottomless brunch because you know you’ll get too drunk and then too tired and your entire night after 5pm is shot. So instead of doing a Yelp search for a boozy brunch, I was scouring the interwebs for a good crab cake benedict in New York City. And shockingly, much to my shock, horror, and dismay, there are such limited options for what is without question the greatest brunch food on the planet.

Now let me say this for those who might not like eggs benedict, I understand, as my taste buds were late bloomers. I didn’t have my first eggs benny til a couple years ago. I’m not huge into canadian bacon, ham, or english muffins. Despite never having tried it, I was iffy about hollandaise sauce. And when you grow up eating primarily scrambled eggs, seeing the poached eggs with the yolk going every which way, it freaked me out.

But then I put on my big boy pants, had a couple drinks, and decided “hey, I’m going to try to be an adult and have a benny today”. And my friends, it was

They’re just so good. Especially when you have home fries with them and some toast to soak up the yolk and hollandaise with, it’s all so good.

Now….how do you improve on the greatness that is the eggs benedict? You add a freakin’ crab cake to it.

A beautifully made crab cake is like a golden gift from the food gods. Not one that you can buy from the frozen food section, but a handmade, low-filler, fresh crab cake is hard to beat. And when you put it on a biscuit with a poached egg and a nice crisp hollandaise, my friends, it is a top 5 meal money can buy.

Which leads me full circle to the title of this blog. The fact that the majority of brunch places in NYC simply do not have the best brunch item on the menu is shear lunacy. Lunacy! You know how every year there’s a new “hot” food that takes the interwebs by storm? Like kale smoothies or avocado toast or who could forget those couple of years where the internet would cum itself any time bacon was mentioned? Well, I propose we internet hype crab cake bennies and shame any restaurant that does not have it on their brunch menu. Maybe with a cajun hollandaise, and served on a biscuit instead of a muffin. But beggars can’t be choosers, an english muffin will suffice. Just have it on the menu, and watch the millions roll in.


PS: What if I started a show where I taste test all the eggs benny across the city? Like, I bring a cameraman and rate them? Can you imagine? Sounds awesome but no chance a show like that would ever be greenlit, right? Just wouldn’t be practical.