A Relationship Built To Last - Girl Checks Her Boyfriend's Apple Watch While He's Passed Out On The Train

They don’t seem to really do this often anymore, but when they ask at the wedding “Does anyone have a reason these two should not be wed?” And people kind of smirk and look around nervously and nobody ever stands up unless it’s a Romcom or something.  Well let me tell you something.  If these two have any friends whatsoever, who care about them one iota, they would leap up out of their seat with their phone in their hand playing this video on repeat.  It speaks for itself.  You’re just not gonna make it if one of you is so untrustworthy they need to wait until you pass out drunk on the train to go through your Apple Watch to check texts and Instagram DMs.  No shot.  That’s a “save the receipt for the wedding gift because you’re gonna be asking for it back when the divorce comes in 7 months” situation.

Not to take away from this chick’s craftiness.  That’s Grade A Psycho Girlfriend tradecraft right there.  This guy thought he had it all buttoned up; new iPhone passcode, changed daily, facial recognition turned on, messages deleted hourly, social accounts locked up tighter than Alcatraz, other millennial tricks that I’m sure I’m not even aware of.  But what you forget is that your girlfriend will always get in there no matter what you do.  It’s like they say in Jurassic Park…”girls…uhh…find a way.”