Former NHLer David Booth Has Quite The Take On Nike's New Colin Kaepernick Campaign

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Alright so listen. Colin Kaepernick is easily the most fatiguing figure in all of sports because no matter when he’s brought up and no matter why, it will always stir up some sort of argument. Maybe Colin Kaepernick isn’t fatiguing, but the polarization of Colin Kaepernick is. There are 2 clear sides on the debate and never in 5 million years will one side ever convince the other side that theirs is right and they are wrong. So before we even get going here, let me just say that I do not give one single heck about what your stance is on Kaep. I have my stance, you have yours, everybody has one. Yours isn’t important. Mine isn’t important. And if you think that your stance on Colin Kaepernick is the only one that matters, you’re an asshole.

With that being said…former NHLer David Booth has quite the stance on the new Nike campaign and yeah, we’re gonna have to talk about this one a little.

Ahhhh shit. David, David, David. C’mon, buddy. It’s just… well… that’s not how that works. David Booth is from the Detroit area so I’d expect him to fall in line with the Kid Rock side of this debate. The fact that David Booth is anti-Kaep isn’t what is so shocking about this take. And like I said, that’s not an issue at all because he’s entitled to that opinion. But to take a slogan for a sneaker company and immediately equate it to 9/11?

That makes everybody who has been filling up your Facebook timeline with photos of Pat Tillman over the past 72 hours look like rational human beings by comparison. I mean imagine watching that Colin Kaepernick ad and thinking to yourself, “holy fuck, doesn’t Nike realize they are telling ISIS to be the best terrorists in the world?” I get that everybody can interpret things in whatever way they want to look at it. But if that’s the case, well then what does David Booth think about Nike’s original slogan of “Just Do It”.

Think about all the crazy things Nike is telling people to do with that slogan. Slaughter a room full of puppies? Just do it. Push an elderly woman off a roof? Just do it. 9/11? The Holocaust? Well… maybe don’t do those. But still, “Just Do It” is guilty of justifying thousands and thousands of heinous crimes committed against humanity. How can so many people @Nike be this ignorant as to the logical fallacy this entails? This is absolute absurd. I really don’t understand. Why would u support this?

And here’s the thing. I’m sure that David Booth is a good guy. Maybe not the smartest guy in the world but I’m sure he’s a good guy. But if your immediate response to a sneaker company’s new campaign slogan is to equate it to the worst terror attack in US history just because you probably don’t agree with the guy’s stance? Well then maybe, just maybe, there’s something wrong here.