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NOBODY Is More Disappointed By What Is Going On In Pittsburgh Than Me


Honest to god, it is a tremendous shame to see what is unfolding in Pittsburgh. Such a prestigious and highly esteemed franchise run amok by a few bad eggs. It’s strange. It’s such a well run ship over there in Pittsburgh that never seems to run into any issues at all. Everyone is in it together and nobody is in it to cause a stir. It starts at the top with the head coach and trickles down to everyone in the locker room. Whether it’s the QB, the star all-purpose back, or the best WR on the planet, everyone is on the same page in that it’s not about them.

It’s about that logo on the left side of that helmet. The tradition of being a Steeler supersedes all in Pittsburgh. It’s called a winning culture for a reason. And for all of that to come crashing down just because one guy wants to add a few bucks to his paycheck and it upsets his teammates a bit… it’s just really unfortunate and it’s wildly out of character. I’m as disappointed as anyone about what’s happening, but I am more than confident that Mike Tomlin and the gang will get this all fixed up ASAP. His reputation precedes himself on that front. So with all of that said about what had been a very quiet offseason in Pittsburgh suddenly turned sour, I’d just like to express that I’m excited to see Leveon Bell get out there and give it his best on Sunday in Cleveland.