Cubs Trade For Felix Doubront, Buying At The Trade Deadline Like Gang Busters





Asked Feitelberg for a 2 sentence scouting report on Felix Doubront as I have no clue who he is, here is what he said.


Pitched well last year. has been god awful and a little bitch this year. everyone in boston is helping him pack to expedite the process



Here’s what I know after seeing how Theo and Jed envision this whole thing coming together. The lack of arms people keep complaining about? Well it’s low risk high reward acquisitions like this that will fill in a Championship level rotation. Jake Arrieta was sitting on the Orioles trash heap when Theo snagged him as well. Purely a numbers game. Get enough guys who have the potential to be great with the right coaching and development and one of them will turn out. These are the under the radar type of moves that could pay dividends in 2-3 years. Not saying Felix Doubront is some savior, the odds would say he will suck and not pan out, but the strategy and theory behind this type of move is sound and I’m all for it.



Also, don’t underestimate last night’s 16 inning win changing the tides of the season and kickstarting the Cubs to make a run at this thing this year. 2016 might be here sooner than we thought.