Jordan Reed Is Officially NOT On The Injury Report!

Breathe it in my friends, breathe it in. Because for at least 1 game, Jordan Reed is HEALTHY! That’s right, your favorite tight end’s favorite tight end is nowhere to be found on the injury report. It’s like a 3rd class passenger in a Titanic lifeboat, you never see it but it brings a tear to your eye when you do. But savor this moment, because right now our guy Jordan Reed is healthy for week 1. Now of course a strong gust of wind could change everything between now and Sunday, but look at him today:

Running and catching with ease, no big deal.

If he could have stayed healthy during his career, we were looking at a big time all time TE talent. Hopefully he can stay somewhat healthy (at least no concussions) because man, sometimes I can’t believe he’s still playing with what he’s been through in his young career.