'Serial Pervert Conman' Isn't Too Thrilled Being Called A 'Serial Pervert Conman'

AUSTRALIA – A ‘pastor’ accused of fraud has chased a Channel Nine reporter and allegedly injured a cameraman after they confronted him on a Queensland street. Stephen Jones was filmed jumping out of his car and kicking A Current Affair journalist Tim Arvier as he tried to get away. The television crew were confronting Jones for a story that will air tonight where he stands accused of swindling more than a million dollars in life savings and charitable donations from families. “Mate, you have no idea who I am,” Jones is heard saying to the reporter in the violent footage. Arvier responds with: “We know who you are. You’re a serial pervert conman. Aren’t you? That’s who you are”.

Not too sure how it works over there in Australia, but here in the states you don’t mess with a guy driving his pickup shirtless with an arm sleeve tattoo, moobs and cargo jorts. That’s a type of cat who’s got nothing to lose. Let alone hilariously call him a “Serial Pervert Conman”. Best be prepared for a wrath of haymakers missing from left field and kicks that can only be equated to George Costanza jumping over a puddle. TV crew should have let the Aussie Spaghetti Monster drive to the cemetery to cut grass as part of his contract with the Parish.

Have to give credit to this fat bloke for lasting that long before his heart exploded. As we all learned in Barstool Philly Fight Night, dishing blows is about as exhausting as it gets, especially when you whiff. Punches turn into pillows quicker than you think.

UPDATE: Pastor Steve may be the worst person on Earth. Fuck this guy. H/T @BoatingAccident