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A Kid I Used To Cheat Off Of In High School Spanish Class Made The Tennessee Titans 53 Man Roster Over The Weekend

So I went to Manalapan High School in Central New Jersey. By the way, don’t tell me Central Jersey isn’t a thing because I’m not from North or South Jersey. Anyways, I was a middle of the road student in high school and just was trying to get by with a decent GPA and get to college. During my senior year I took Spanish and was in way over my head. I can barely handle my own English so learning a second one was not happening. Luckily for me, there were smart people all around me, including a junior football player and a great kid Anthony Firkser. He had no idea, but during a good amount of tests I would peek over to see what he was working with since I had literally no clue what was going on. He had no clue, but he basically helped me graduate high school. Anthony was also a two sport superstar (basketball and football) while also being a genius. He was basically our LeBron James while also being our Tony Gonzalez. He went on to go to Harvard because some people just were put on this planet to do it all. He tried to play both sports there, but settled for football and put up seven touchdowns and 702 yards in his senior season.

He walked on to the Jets last year but ended up being cut right on the final cut day because that organization is brain dead .Ant found his way onto the Chiefs practice squad in November, but was released in April. The Titans smartly scooped him up and have never looked back. Firkser killed it in training camp and shined in the team’s preseason game versus Pittsburgh, hauling in his first touchdown of his career.

Now he’s in the NFL. This is crazy. A kid I used to cheat off of in high school is now in Madden. Like what? That’s insane. My town has produced David DeJesus and that’s it. You would never think in a million years we’d produce a professional football player. Good for Ant. He’ll probably end up a HOF tight end on the Patriots by the time it’s all said and done. Thanks for the Spanish answers.