Love This Guy On America's Got Talent Whose Sole Talent Is To Just Break Things With His Body And Run Through Blocks Of Ice


Now this. This right here? This is talent. Mozart had his symphonies. Michelangelo had his paintings. Joe DiMaggio could hit a baseball. Great, fine. But could any of these guys do things like this?



Break a bat over their head.


Sort of break a bunch of blocks in a pit of fire but also kind of fuck it up and get concussed.



Run through a thousand pounds of ice for no apparent reason and again probably get concussed.




No, the answer is no they could not do any of these things. JD Anderson, talent coming out of his ears. You got something, he’ll break it or die trying, that’s what genius is.





How do you think the breaking ice thing came about? Just sitting around one day trying to figure out what kind of talent he has? Fart noises in your armpit? Nahhh, that’s been done. Burp the alphabet? Too easy. Ooooh, I know, we could get 10 sheets of ice and I could just run through them really fast and make a huge mess. Yup, that’s it, that’s the one that’s going to take me to the top.


2 months ago I had 6 stitches inside of my head, today, success!


ht mike