Cardinals Fan Celebrating Outside Of Wrigley On Saturday Shatters Her Face Like An Idiot



I watched this entire video mumbling to myself “please fall on your face, please fall on your face, please fall on your face” only to have the chick just casually walk off a little dizzy but totally fine then…..



FUCK YES. The absolute perfect ending. Hope you enjoyed a mouth full of broken teeth and a shattered nose honey, sometimes even the classiest fans in baseball make mistakes.





It honestly sucks how Cards fans take over Chicago now. I hope to god this is just because we suck right now and people from St. Louis want to see a real city for a change. But I would be lying if I didn’t say it bothers me how much red is in the stadium and around town after the game. We have to be  better and until that happens, we’ll just enjoy when Cardinals fans do dumb shit like this and hurt themselves.

h/t Jon