Wil Myers Complaining About His Manager On A Live Fortnite Stream Then Apologizing After The Clip Hit The Internet Is The Most 2018 Story Ever

Yahoo- San Diego Padres third baseman Wil Myers apologized on Monday after he was heard criticizing manager Andy Green on a Fortnite stream last week. Myers was sitting watching second baseman Carlos Asuaje — who is currently with the Padres’ Triple-A affiliate in El Paso — play Fortine, a popular video game, last week. Asuaje, like many who play the game, was live streaming at the time. “The Padres are doing cutoff and relays tomorrow at 3 o’clock — in September, dude,” Myers can be heard saying on the since deleted video. “Oh my god. It’s so miserable, man. It’s insane. Andy could not be any worse than he is right now.”

“Dude,” Asuaje said, cutting him off. “I’m streaming this.”

The Padres reportedly ran a series of basic fielding drills ahead of their games on Thursday and Friday against the Colorado Rockies. The drills they ran, including cutoff and relay drills, aren’t generally ran by teams this late in to the season. Myers — who has been with the Padres since 2015 — apologized to Green on Monday morning when the two met to discuss the comments from the stream.

“When I saw it on Twitter my stomach dropped — to realize that type of thing was out there,” Myers said on Monday. “I’m incredibly sorry. It’s something I never want out there. It’s something I can’t say. Being an older guy on the team, that’s something I can’t say, even if it’s in private. … I’m terribly sorry about it. Obviously you can’t complain about drills, especially when you’re trying to get better.”

Green said that Myers didn’t make any excuses when he apologized on Monday, either. “He came in immediately today, apologized, took ownership,” Green said. “He said he didn’t feel that way. He didn’t get into, ‘I was venting.’

Another day, another modern lesson learned for the 8 billion professional baseball players around the country. I think it’s been hammered home pretty hard over the last few months that if you get drafted by a big league team, it is in your best interests to delete your old social media accounts and start fresh. Nobody remembers what type of nonsense they tweeted when they were a dumb kid with 10 followers.

But next on the list is to make sure that any time you are playing a video game with someone online, you know if they are streaming or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s Fortnite, Madden, or Mario Kart. There is just something about hanging out and playing video games that makes everyone more comfortable and willing to say whatever is on their mind like they are sitting in a digital barber shop. We had Keenan Allen and Justin Tuck on Gametime last year and each time they gave us extremely honest answers, whether it was Keenan Allen talking about San Diego fans not coming to games or Justin Tuck saying his biggest regret from his playing days was signing his contract extension BEFORE he became Tom Brady’s boogeyman in Super Bowl XLII and they knew they were being streamed.

I know there are a million unwritten rules that baseball players have to keep track of. But any time you are on a headset playing a video game, you have to remember to ask if it is being streamed. And if you are being streamed, you should make sure any critical comments are about another team instead of your own because clips like this are awesome.

That being said, I don’t have any problem with what Wil Myers actually did. He didn’t know he was being streamed and didn’t say anything really all that bad. Nobody wants to be doing basic fielding drills in Spring Training, let alone during the dog days of the summer when the Padres are a million games out of first like they always are this time of year. And you can even say the quote is more about Andy Green being a motherfucker to deal with as the Pads slump through September yet again instead of being an actual bad manager. I personally love that Myers was out gathering materials with the rest of his squad while shooting the shit with everyone. That tells me all I need to know about him as a man and a player. If he has an extra mini, he will be the first one to offer it to a teammate that needs it. It doesn’t matter that he is in The Show and the rest of his team isn’t. Getting that Victory Royale screen is his number 1 goal and that’s all that really matters. Not everybody can be as mindful or eloquent about what comes out of their mouth like the streamers that get paid to play video games for a living.