Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Hitting His 50th Homer Of The Season In 1998

Griffey hitting his 50th bomb of the season in 1998 was beautiful. It wasn’t the towering fly ball to right like we thought it would be, it was a long oppo-taco  to left. The fact that it went opposite field and he knew it right away was hilarious, add in him just dropping the bat and going right into his little jog down to first. He would go on to hit 56 this season, and also hit 56 the season before, not bad back-to-back years at all.

How about that guy almost falling to his death for the ball too? I thought that was going to be the main story if this video, he really looked like he was going overboard. But in the late ’90s, idk if there is anything I wouldn’t have done for a Griffey ball, let alone his 50th. Long live the Kid.