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Backyard Wrestling Out Of Context Is The Best Twitter Account You Never Knew You Needed To Follow Until Now

One of the internet’s greatest unrecognized treasures in 2018 is the availability of horrendous backyard wrestling. Back in my day, you used to have to really scour YouTube and DailyMotion to find videos of chubby rednecks smashing each other over the head with frying pans, light tubes, and cookie sheets, and scrawny nerds hitting Swanton Bombs on each other off of half broken trampolines, but nowadays, it’s all over the place, and not enough people are taking advantage of it. This Twitter account I recently discovered, through, @BYWOOC (Backyard Wrestling Out Of Context), is allowing you to do so at random moments of your day, and that makes it by far the funniest account I follow. Seriously, I’m not associated with these guys in the slightest but I’m writing this just because I love the Stoolies and I want you to have lotsa laughs in life. Alright see ya.