Here We Have Kevin Durant Partying In The Bahamas With His Future Teammates

What’s the one thing we all know about Kevin Durant? The guy loves superteams. LOVES them. Needs to be a part of them. So it’s only natural that he’s out scouting his next destination once this Warriors run is over. What you want me to believe that these guys are just friends and friends go to the Bahamas together all the time? People, must I remind you who we’re dealing with here. Danny Ainge has had Kyrie out on the recruiting trail since the minute he got here. You remember his work with Anthony Davis


and we all already know Ainge has a love for Durant after saying he would have taken him in 2007 and then losing out to him in free agency to GS. So ya, I do think this has Ainge’s fingerprints all over it. And how about our boy Tatum? Him being there is what confirms it to me. You need Durant to buy into your young talent, to me this is Durant telling Tatum he’s now part of the inner circle of that elite group. They recognize how real he is and is going to be. Also as a side note, it’s great to see Kyrie dancing around on that knee, remember in the offseason we have to keep our eyes peeled for any tidbit of information. Looks healthy to me.

I know Durant opted into his contract, but he has a player option for next summer and if Klay leaves who knows what could happen. He may realize it’s time he go to the other team that made the final group back in 2016 now that he knows their talent is for real. I give it a 0.00000001% chance, but that’s better than nothing