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Doug Pederson Is Going To End Up Kicking Every Member Of The Media's Ass Before Thursday Night

So obviously Dougie P is none too pleased with the word getting out yesterday that the team intends to start Nick Foles for the season opener against Atlanta on Thursday night. Now as the old saying goes, “don’t shoot the messenger”. But there’s nothing against kicking the messenger in the dick so if I were Ian Rapoport, I’d probably consider walking around with a cup on for the next week or so.

And that goes for pretty much every member of the media at this point. If Doug Pederson ends up getting asked one more time about who the starting quarterback for Thursday night is going to be, the man is going to go on a war path. It’s going to be Doug Pederson and Nick Saban against the world and I’m putting my money on Coach & Coach right now.

Both of these men have contained their rage for as long as possible. Week after week, day after day it’s the same exact question. Do any of these reporters think that Pederson and Saban are just waiting for the journalist to ask the question the perfect way before giving an actual answer? Do these reporters think this is just some radio show and Pederson and Saban are waiting for the 137th caller before they give away who the starting quarterback is going to be? I get that these guys have a job to do and part of their job is to ask about the starting quarterback. But maybe for you own safety, just start asking about something else because I think both of these dudes are about 3 or 4 more days of getting the same exact questions away from starting to throw hands. And no offense to the mainstream media or anything but I’ve seen what you guys look like. You’re not winning a fight against either of those guys.

P.S. – I’m fully on board with Foles getting the go on Thursday. Carson’s knee is the most important thing in this city. No need to rush it.