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West Virginia Beats Down Tennessee, Crowd Sticks Around To Sing "Country Roads" Together

BIG big fire. You show me a crowd singing along to a song like this I’m going to enjoy myself 10 times out of 10. Best part is that this game took place in Charlotte as a “neutral” site. Sure, sounds real neutral. There are definitely some Tennessee fans still in those stands but that extra umph you hear when “WEST VIRGINIAAAAA” comes up is pure Mountaineer pipes.

And I don’t blame those Tennessee fans for sticking around. Your team already lost. Game’s over. Nothing you can do about it. A classic slap comes on over the speakers and everyone starts singing what are you supposed to do? Leave? Act like some sort of Christmas Grinch and not enjoy the musical stylings of Mr. John Denver? That would be lunacy. No one with a soul in their chest can resist Country Roads no matter what’s happening in their lives around them. No one.