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Fall Out Boy Just Got Hit With A Ricochet Shot In The Least Interesting Rap Beef Of All Time And I Won't Stand For It

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I’ll gonna cut right to the chase because I know you’ve got college football and blah blah blah on today. I don’t care.

Apparently Machine Gun Kelly and G Eazy are beefin’ right now. Don’t know who one, or either of those people are? That’s fine. They don’t matter. To BRIEFLY give you an idea, I think for a while it looked like MGK was gonna matter at some point, but unfortunately the sad-boy emo rap he was practically a pioneer of passed him by, and G Eazy is best known for dating Halsey. This is Halsey.

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Nice. Would.

I don’t know how, or why this beef started, but from the context clues of G Eazy’s diss track, Machine Gun Kelly talked some shit about Halsey and allegedly stole from G Eazy when they were on tour together. Obviously MGK’s side is untold by that but truthfully I don’t care enough to see what his side is. The fact of the matter is this:

My boys in Fall Out Boy took a heavy ricochet shot here and it’s garbage and it’s rubbish and I won’t stand for it.

G Eazy said, in his diss track, “Bad Boy”, and I quote, word for word, “You got both of my numbers, all this time, you never called the boy. I’m headlining, heard you opening up for Fall Out Boy.”, and then he laughed, mocking Fall Out Boy.

Firstly, sick rhymes bro. Gotta love rhyming “boy” with “boy”. Betcha can’t do that again. Oh wait, you did, one bar later. You literally used “boy” as another rhyme with “boy” after you had already done that. You rhymed “boy” with itself three times. Boom roasted. Secondly, wassup with the shot at FOB bruh? Wassup with that? Why’d you laugh when you said Fall Out Boy? Because their music started to trail off after ‘Infinity On High’ in 2007, they went on hiatus for years, came back with a fantastic, unbelievable, flawless album called ‘Save Rock And Roll’ in 2013, and then haven’t done anything worth shit since then other than the opening track on their recent EP, ‘Lake Effect Kid’, which just so happens to be an unrealeased demo from 2008 reworked a little bit? You don’t get to laugh at Fall Out Boy for that!!! You don’t get to!!! Don’t say list!!! ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down’ was heard by more people in 2005 than the amount of people that will EVER hear the name G Eazy. Boom roasted again.

Now Fall Out Boy, it’s time you kick Machine Gun Kelly off the tour. I know this isn’t his fault and the tour JUST started, but you can’t have folks laughing at you like this because you’re allowing some delinquent to open up for you. Even Eminem lit his ass up this week! Get ‘em outta here. Pup Punk will happily take your spot, and you can take MGK’s. Problem solved. Pup Punk feat. Fall Out Boy is a much more enticing tour than Fall Out Boy feat. Machine Gun Kelly anyway.

P.S. I thought I liked MGK, because he’s a big UFC guy, loyal as fuck to Stipe Miocic (both Cleveland boys), and he’s playing Tommy Lee in the upcoming Netflix movie, ‘The Dirt’. Until he backs up Fall Out Boy though, he’s dead to me. Defend pop punk at all costs, bro.