Stephen Jackson Roasts Walt Frazier For Saying Kevin Durant's Rings Don't Count

If Stephen Jackson is on one side of an issue, you can look slightly to his right to see me standing there side by side. Because he’s an About That Life All Star, and I very much enjoy having my limbs attached to my body. I also appreciate players out of the League who don’t constantly shit on the next generation just because shit changed. The League is how it is, Kevin Durant took advantage of that and now has two rings to his name. It wasn’t even just that he went to Golden State to ride coattails, he has objectively been their best player since he got there and has pushed Golden State firmly into the All Time team conversation. Call me crazy but that doesn’t sound very asterisk worthy to me or my friend Stephen.

Ol’ Beetlejuice Suit Frazier now has to go back and watch the Knicks stink for another 82 games while Durant can go out, win a third championship and not have to worry about the trolls since he has Stephen Jackson squashing his beefs watching his back. What a pal.

After watching this you have to wonder why KD ever even needed those burner accounts when he could’ve just shot Stak 5 a text and had him mop up his enemies and detractors. Very short list of guys throughout NBA History you’d want in your foxhole more than Jackson. KD should send him a fruit basket or some vegan blunt wraps or something for this video.