Mickstape Top 50......Finally!!!


Greetings all,

As you can tell by the crudely made image above, our Mickstape 50 has finally come to a conclusion several weeks ago!!! I wanted to put these all in one place for a couple of reasons. First, to show off the great graphics that two-time Emmy Award winner Jeffrey D’Brickashaw Lowe did for us. Second, so we have a place of reference during the season and for the rest of eternity really. People will find this hard to believe, but there have been some disagreements on player rankings in Basketball Twitter™. I know, I too am shocked.

Hopefully, our hours of back-and-forth will shed some light on the true rankings of the top 50 basketball players of all time. According to us. For full disclosure, these are the best 50 individual talents as we see them. We took everything into account: High school, college, NBA, Olympics, cultural impact, how revered you were by peers of the time and how cool you were.

You can listen to us breakdown #50-41 here:


#40-31 here


#30-21 here


#20-11 here


#10-1 here:


And that concludes the Mickstape 50. Let’s have a look at our final count:

  • 3 agreements (Shaquille O’Neal, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson)
  • 2 raging disputes (Jerry West, Bill Russell)
  • 1 reasonable debate (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs. Michael Jordan)
  • 0 Karl Malones. Because fuck Karl Malone.

All agreements/congratulations/general praise for the list should be directed to me while ANY and ALL disagreements/disputes/arguments should be directed to Coley. Thanks in advance.