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In Honor of Andrew McCutchen Being Traded, Let's Check in On His Number One Fan Ken Griffey Jr.

Easily top 1 most uncomfortable interviews/videos of all-time. I cringed when I just watched it even though I’ve seen it probably 100 times by now over the years. Poor Linda Cohn. I don’t even know what you’re supposed to do in that spot if you’re her. You knew it was going to be brutal when she asks for his favorite baseball card that isn’t his dad and Griffey just say, “nope.” Just no one else. Nothing. There’s maybe nothing more uncomfortable than the “mhm” he gives after Linda Cohn asks if they’re buds. I want to crawl out of my own skin.

It is clear though, that Ken Griffey’s favorite player ever is Andrew McCutchen. He will go to war for Cutch. There’s no one else in the world he would rather play in his honor than Cutch. If Griffey is all in with McCutchen, even if this video is four years old, then so am I. Let’s go win a World Series.