I'm Getting ACL Surgery Today But That Doesn't Mean I'm Taking A Day Off From Blogging


So I’m probably under the knife right now as you’re reading this blog. That’s a little thing we in the biz like to call “writing a blog ahead of time and then scheduling it to go out at a specific time”. WABAOTATSITGOAAST for short, but you wouldn’t understand if you’re not in the biz.

If you remember, I tore my ACL last month. Not a big deal or anything but I’ve been blogging for the past month on a torn ACL. It’s an injury that would knock most people out for at least 6-8 months, but I haven’t missed a day. I’m a huge believer in “practice what you preach”. And if I’m on this website constantly preaching about being Hockey Tough, you better damn well believe that I have to be about that life myself. Basketball bloggers? Get real. They’d call it a career if they were me. Baseball bloggers? They’d never log onto the internet another day in their life. But I’m a Hockey Guy at heart so I blog through the pain. Even if that means I’m tickling the keyboard on the day I get surgery. Old time hockey. Eddie Shore.

Anyway, yeah. The timing here is actually pretty sweet. Long weekend coming up here and I get to do nothing but just lay around and watch the first full weekend of college football with a bunch of grade A pain pills. Life could be worse.

P.S. – Peep the Twitter handle on the twig. That’s how you know you’re big time. McDavid doesn’t even have that.