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Batman Twitter Is So Mad At Me For Saying Bane Is Better Than The Joker

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Batman Twitter so mad right now.

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They’re in a tizzy.  That someone would have the gusto and gumption to stand up and give such a take.  To speak the truth.  RIP Heath Ledger but this has nothing to do with his performance.  Bane the character is just simply better than The Joker the character.  It wasn’t better acted.  It was just a better character.  Tom Hardy is not > Heath Ledger.  Bane is > Joker.

Walked by the Robbie and Jeff Lowe corner and they wouldn’t even look at me.   Robbie said it was the worst take he’s ever heard on the internet.  Buddy you were in 5th grade when it came out.  Coley took umbrage with the technical aspects of Bane’s voice not being consistent in the opening plane scene because of the aerodynamics of flight.  Movie is about a billionaire in a bat costume flying hovercrafts around the city.  Excuse me if I put a pause on my criticism of the technicalities of sound realism.

Rises>Dark Knight.

Suck on that take.


The fight me was just artistic license, don’t actually do that, I don’t think I can fight.