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Do Pete Wentz And John Tavares Have Beef? It Would Appear That Way



So I guess Fall Out Boy is currently on tour and they made a stop at the Coliseum. That part of the story I definitely understand. Now bands and performers have been known to wear the jersey of a professional sports team in the city they’re performing as a way to pander to the crowd. So Pete Wentz wearing an Islanders jersey in general is another part of the story I understand here. However… to go through the hassle of getting a new John Tavares jersey (it’s Adidas so it’s not like Pete Wentz was a long time Isles fan and just had the jersey laying around) and then cross out the number, tape over the nameplate and write in “Billy Joel” on top of Tavares? I don’t know man. That’s the type of move I’d expect out of someone like Frankie Borrelli. The kid legitimately cried when John Tavares made the smartest decision of his life and signed with Toronto instead of staying on Long Island. But I’d get why Frankie would feel the way he felt. But Pete Wentz? Where the friggin’ heck is this coming from?

It just seems like too much effort for this to be merely a case of pandering to the fans. This seems like there’s more behind it, like some legitimate beef between Pete Wentz and John Tavares. And if there’s some actual beef, well then we need some deetz and we need them now. I’ve been scrolling through his Twitter and Instagram feeds and I don’t see anything signs of him ever being an Islanders fan. So if the beef is there, it has to be on a personal level. Could be something juicy. Hockey guys are typically known for banging other people’s wives. Did John Tavares have a little affair with Ashlee Simpson? That’s pure speculation but I feel like we’re not at a point in this investigation yet where we can take any options off the table. Or maybe the Islanders just don’t really have anybody in the organization who is a big enough name yet for Fall Out Boy to be repping. Don’t get me wrong. Mat Barzal is a stud and he’s going to be a star in this league soon enough. But for anybody who doesn’t pay close attention to the league? They don’t know who he is. So maybe Tavares was the only jersey Pete Wentz could get his hands on but then somebody ran up to him right before they got on stage and said, “woah, woah, woah, man. If you go up on stage wearing that, those people are going to murder the shit out of you. Here. Let me cover that up for you real quick before you DIE”. And I guess that’s a possibility, too. But I like the beef option better.

P.S. – It was so hard to write a blog about a guy with the last name “Wentz” and not write Carson the whole time.