Snapchat and CitiBike Maps Currently Are Calling New York City "Jewtropolis"



I’m glad Snapchat cleared that up because I could never call New York City anything other than New York City. Jewtropolis doesn’t roll off the ole tongue AT ALL. The Jewtropolis Yankees? The Jewtropolis Metropolitans? Terrible. Jewtropolis City Orchestra?

To me, Levi’s Stadium is still Candlestick park and it always will be. Hell, my beloved Jaguars changed the name from Everbank stadium to something like AAII Bank or Whatever The Fuck Stadium and I will call it Everbank Stadium until the day I die. That’s a promise.

Honestly, why change a city into a metropolis though? It makes no sense. You could easily just say Jew York City and it sounds so much closer to the real name. Be better, hackers.