Jacksonville Fire Marshall Insanely Blames The Madden Tournament Shooting On.... Building Permits


I’ve been a fire marshall before. I was a young Marine living in Okinawa, Japan and it was one of my added duties. What was I responsible for? Making sure that all of our vehicles had fire extinguishers in there, making sure our building had fire extinguishers in there, and (now this is the most important part) making sure the kennels had a fire extinguisher in there. The job was essentially fire extinguishers and I was damn good at it. No fires on my watch.

That being said, I often felt unappreciated in my role as fire marshall so I would exaggerate the importance of my duties in order to elevate my worth in the unit. It feels like that’s what Jacksonville’s fire marshall did here.

Coming to the conclusion that a shooting happened because a restaurant changed their internal layout to host a Madden tournament is a wild leap of logic. Maybe the shooting happened because…. someone came in with a gun and started shooting and that could have happened no matter which way the booths were laid out. Ole fucking fire marshall bill head ass.