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Every News Reporter Has A Plan Until A Kid Draws A Penis On Live TV

God I love the beautiful marriage between the internet and live TV. So many great moments from the good old days came from reporters getting put in a blender during a live news broadcast. Boom Goes The Dynamite Guy, Grape Stomp Lady, I Like Turtles Kid, and so much more. And now we can add this dick with balls bigger than Pedro Cerrano’s drawn in Crayola to the list. Yeah the fact a kid drew a dick and balls is funny, but it was the reporter’s panic while trying to rip the paper off of the desk that made the video. Because even though you have to keep it rated PG on TV and rated G around kids, we all know what that reporter wanted to say.


But she couldn’t. However if her head wasn’t in the gutter, she would remember that she lives in Philadelphia and this drawing was clearly an extremely non-sexual invitation to a party.


By internet law, here are the previously mentioned classic news videos.