Dog Falls Off Boat, Swims Three Miles In A Storm And Meets Back Up With His Owner

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Yahoo- A dog owner thought he would never see his best mate again after the pooch fell overboard during a nasty storm, but he was shocked when the dog turned up alive the next day. Shane Hale and his pup Harley set sail on Saturday, but the weather soon turned nasty and a storm set in. In the waters off Sarasota County, Florida, in the US, the pair were headed for Florida Keys and across the Caribbean, until the storm became too powerful and Harley fell overboard. “It was throwing me off the boat, slamming me back on the boat, throwing me off the boat, slamming me back on the boat,” Mr Hale told WFLA news.

Footage from before the storm shared to Facebook shows both Mr Hale and his pet were wearing a tether and life jacket onboard. “I got to his tether and when I pulled the tether, I realised there wasn’t enough weight on the end of that tether for a dog to be on there. Sure enough I pull it out and I just see his life jacket,” he said. Mr Hale didn’t expect to see his best mate alive again.

Oh hell yes! What a story. I gotta tell ya, I’m shocked at how small the dog is. I was expecting a german shepherd or a golden retriever. Not that little guy. Swimming three miles is like swimming three thousand miles with his little legs. And through a storm no less. How did the dog know he was going in the right direction? He could’ve just started in the wrong direction swam himself miles away from land. That’s just dogs being dogs I suppose. He made it the three miles and reunited with is owner. Fucking wild.

Stories like this make me wanna puke. Falling overboard is one of my biggest fears. It’s why I try and avoid getting on boats. Cause you just fall off and, if nobody sees you, you’re just out there. Alone. In the water. Until you get rescued or you just don’t get rescued. How scary is that? I don’t have the willpower or an endurance to swim three miles like that little pup. I’d just lay there and wait for the good lord to take me away. Then there was the story a couple weeks ago about the lady who drunkenly fell off a cruise ship and only survived by singing to herself and doing yoga for TEN HOURS before she got rescued. What a nightmare. I can’t sing and I can’t do yoga. I wouldn’t last more than 45 minutes out there. The human body should have a self destruct button. I’d prefer pressing the self destruct button over just floating in a big body of water wondering if I’m ever gonna get rescued.