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UPDATE: Brittney Griner's Quote About Tyler Johnson Was Fake, But Still Holds Value In Fight For Better Salary


Update: Apparently this quote on her IG ended up being a fake quote. Griner did not take a shot at Tyler Johnson for his contract. Instead her quote is about how the WNBA doesn’t get paid shit. Regardless, I still recommend you take a look at the blog as it outlines what her and the other top WNBA players are fighting for. The important thing to remember here is it isn’t number salary wise but number revenue sharing wise. 

Listen, I get it. WNBA players are underpaid. But, bringing in what NBA players are making is the absolute wrong way to go about it. It’s comparing apples to oranges. It’s as simple as look at what the NBA is bringing in money wise compared to the WNBA, of course NBA players are going to be paid higher. It’s a highly-profitable league.

Instead of going about this way, WNBA players need to complain about the low salary cap their league has. Complain about how they are covered. The game is becoming more popular with each passing year – there’s no arguing that. We’re seeing an influx of talent in the WNBA and we know more and more names of players. That’s the positive.


The argument is essentially about revenue sharing. That’s what players like Griner and Diggins need to continue to harp. Don’t bring up what NBA players are making. It’s written out in the CBA. Right now the CBA for the WNBA is bullshit against the players. They can opt out of the CBA after this season and fight for a better revenue sharing. That’s what needs to be addressed.

However, every time these high-profile WNBA players try to bring up a comparison to a NBA player it’s the wrong way to fight. It falls on deaf ears. It turns into a joke and then everything gets brought up about how much the NBA brings in. Force the WNBA to pay better, not comparing it to the NBA. That’s what they should be trying to fight. Stop comparing WNBA to the NBA.

So, yes, the WNBA players deserve a much better cut of revenue sharing. But, taking a shot at someone like Tyler Johnson doesn’t help with that fight. Tyler Johnson making $20 million plays no role in anything besides the Heat’s salary cap.