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Wake Up With Evan Longoria's First Career Home Run

Crazy that this was 10 years ago, I still feel like Evan Longoria is a youngster in the league on some terrible Tampa Bay teams. He really set the league on fire when he entered the league, he put up some monster numbers. He took home Rookie Of The Year in 2008 after hitting 27 bombs (including that one above), driving in 85, hitting 31 doubles, and hitting .272. Don’t forget that nifty glove work either. He has always been underrated in my eyes, just a quiet guy who mashes, plays great defense, and doesn’t say a word.

If Longoria came up with any other team, he would have been an absolute superstar in this league. He’s still a big name, but no one gets their rocks off in Tampa. Now with the Giants, and in his early 30s, he’s not putting up the numbers we’re used to seeing from him, seems like Father Time is catching up with him.

His first home run is just that classic Longo, that follow through looks identical to what it still is today. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who actually hates Evan Longoria, he always seems like a guy who everyone enjoys and roots for, regardless of what crappy team he’s on.

If you look at the Tampa Bay Rays all time lists, he’s at or near the top of every single category. Even with Tampa trading him in the offseason, he is a guy who I could see re-signing with the Rays in the twilight of his career and finishing up where he started off.