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John Daly Tells Great Story About Trying To Get Tiger Woods To Drink With Him

I can’t decide who I’d rather drink with, Tiger Woods or John Daly. Feels like no one should ever say no to either one. I understand that Tiger was a golfing robot who only played golf, worked out, and fucked chicks, but I think if John Daly asks you to get a drink, you get a drink. Just one of those life experiences you can’t pass up. One of those things they’d have no choice but to put on your tombstone.

“Wed beautiful wife, fathered wonderful children, drank with John Daly once.”

And of course Daly beat Tiger the next day. JD has to be the most naturally gifted golfer ever born right? Will always make me laugh thinking about that man winning the British Open at the Old Course at St. Andrews.

What a legend.