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I Officially Like Bryson DeChambeau

So yesterday Bryson DeChambeau won the first leg of the FedEx Cup Playoffs in dominating fashion. Posted 18-under for a 4-stroke victory and it was never really even close. He’s been quite the polarizing dude with his extremely scientific approach to the game and recent antics. The USGA denied his side-saddle putting last year and denied his compass use on the greens this year. He was caught on video losing his mind at the driving range at Carnoustie then, just a week later, was lambasted for giving a dogshit handshake after collapsing on the Euro Tour.


There were simply a lot of reasons not to like him. Not to mention he started out his career missing cut after cut while starring in that damn Microsoft commercial that played over and over again throughout the weekend coverage.

But now I like Bryson and here’s why: The guy is good dude who’s just OBSESSED with being good at golf. That’s it. Yes he’s a bit of a scientific geek but there’s nothing wrong with that. Geeks are cool. He’s passionate and different and that’s better than 90% of the cookie cutter country clubbers out there. When we found Bryson at Bellerive, he was alone on the range hitting fun shots and interacting with fans. He wasn’t there to look like a grinder or to enhance his image. We were the only camera in the area and we didn’t show up until the very end of his session. When his guy said he had to go, he called him an asshole and chatted with us for a few minutes. He told us he prefers tinkering on his golf game over hanging in his hotel room all afternoon. I respect that.

Also he gets huge credit for he and I somehow saving what was on track to be the most disastrous shake ever recorded.

I gave Bryson a hard time for a while, but it was because I didn’t understand Bryson. Now I do. Credit to me having the brain capacity to understand such a complicated man. He’s won on TOUR more in the last 13 months than Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler combined; he’s a lock for the Ryder Cup; he’s got the ringing endorsement of Tiger Woods; and he’s dating this chick.


I’m all in on Bryson DeChambeau.