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Ladies Are Getting Boners Seeing Their Men In Lacy Bras And Whatnot

Ladies, if you’ve ever looked at your man’s underwear and thought it was a bit dull, then you’re not alone.

There’s so much choice when it comes to women’s underwear, from thongs to Brazilian and Bridget Jones -style pants, not to mention strapless, multi-way and water bras.

Mostly men only have boxers or briefs to choose from.

However that’s all about to change, as one lingerie company have created a unique line of bras and knickers especially for men.


I dont like to swear on the blog but FUCKING FINALLY! I have longed for the days when I could tuck my little dick into some fancy lace numbers. Just something seethrough. Let my wife get a peek but not a full look. Show her that she’s in for a wild ride but the main present is still wrapped like it’s Christmas Eve. You can peep just a little. A tiny peep. Nothing more. Nothing more.

Oh how sexy is this!? I’m standing there wearing nothing but some little underwear shorts that are tucking my asscheeks right below the crease. Draggin a wagon. A little ball fro hanging out the front. It looks like I have Side Show Bob in a head scissors and my wife is a huge Simpsons fan so that’s gonna be an added layer of randy. Goodness, gracious.


I cant type any more about that so that I can keep my promise about not writing on the blog while I’m horny. Shame me for it if you want but I know when I’m horny. Sure, I could take a break and “take care of it” myself but I’m getting older and need to be careful with my emissions. Once a day is plenty and 8:15am has already came and went.


Look for lace panties in the store later today.