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Did John McCain Out-Recruit Sean Miller In Order For Lauri Markkanen To Play At Arizona?

So stories are starting to come out about John McCain from all over as people remember his life. This tweet from Lauri Markkanen is now reminding everyone of McCain helping out with Lauri’s visa to bring him over from Finland. Here’s the video of McCain talking about it:


Think it’s fair to ask now if John McCain was the better recruiter than Sean Miller? I mean, Lauri was one of the best players to play at Arizona for Sean and it seems to be all thanks to McCain, well at least most of it due to McCain. Sure, part of it might be the fact that McCain is a senator and not a basketball coach therefore he could reach out to expedite the visa process, but we’re not going to worry about silly facts here.

We know what happened with Lauri and Arizona then. He turned into a top-10 NBA pick, first team All-Pac-12 and third team All-American. He helped lead Arizona to the Sweet 16 where they were upset by Xavier.