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The Video of Dodger Stadium's Lights Going Out Set To The Undertaker's Theme Music is Perfection

Last night was a crazy scene at Dodgers Stadium when the lights completely shut off in the 12th inning. Play was stopped for 20 minutes in a bizarre situation. Because the internet is the best someone, by the name of Grant Goldberg, mashed up the moment with the Undertaker’s theme music. It’s so perfect it’s scary. Growing up as a kid I legit got terrified in my bed whenever the Undertaker would make a surprise appearance in the ring. Monday Night RAW, it’s 9:30 at night and I’m like 11 years old, yeah I would sprint to turn my lights on so the Undertaker couldn’t get to me. I know I’m not alone with this fear. Anyways, the moment the lights turned back on Justin Turner jumped on the first pitch he saw and dropped in the game winning base hit.

The video got me thinking why there isn’t a closer who comes out to the Undertaker’s theme music and shuts the lights off as he runs in. The intimidation that would bring to the opposing batters as the stadium goes pitch black would be unmatched. It would essentially be cheating.


The Rays swept the Red Sox.