I Have A Confession To Make, The New Big Ten Makes Me Want To Puke

This is the crew that I love


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I have to get something off my chest. I saw this tweet from Clark at Wrigley and the mascots bumming around town and I remembered something that has been brewing inside of me. I fucking hate the new Big Ten. Like so much so it makes me want to puke. I was doing that thing many guys like us do come late July early August where you start to take a peek at the college football schedule. See who’s playing who when and envisioning betting lines and what not. So I pulled up Wisconsin’s schedule and I wanted to cry. Look at this shit.





No Ohio State, no Michigan State, no Michigan. Home game against Maryland and then a week later at Rutgers. Just garbage.



Look at Michigan, they’re playing Maryland at the big house in late November.





That just feels wrong. And of course I understand the logistics of conference realignment and the financials behind it. I get all of it. And maybe some day in 20 years I’ll look back and be like, hey remember when the thought of playing football against Rutgers made me want to forfeit our entire season, but right now I cant. The Big Ten sucks now. Yeah it’s just 2 new teams but it changes the entire landscape in my opinion. Being in the Big Ten used to mean something. All the schools used to have something in common. If you went to Michigan State or Ohio State or Iowa you shared a bond, a knowledge that your college experience was similar to the other guy. That’s why Chicago is the best city. We are the Big Ten. It’s our identity to a T. We don’t take life too seriously, we’re smart when we want to be, we’re passionate about our sports, and we like to have a good time. Now it’s fucking Maryland and Rutgers coming in with their Jersey Shore blowouts and hideous flag uniforms ruining the fun. I didn’t invite them. Not to my party. The whole vibe is off now. So I guess I’ll just be the guy in the garage drinking beers watching Purdue play Michigan to a 10-6 final with 95 rushing attempts combined on a 40 degree overcast day in October.



/End of old granpa “back in my day” rant.