Hey Remember That Time The Worst Offense In All Of Baseball Had All 9 Of Their Players Score In One Inning At Wrigley Last Night?

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The Padres have 74 less runs than the second worst offense in Major League Baseball. That means, with their average of 3 runs a game, they would have to play an extra 24 games to no longer be last. So why not let every single player on their team score in a single inning. That’s some softball slaughter rule shit. Like my Tuesday night league if you score 7 runs in an inning (innings 1-4 only) we just move on to the next one. Think about that for a second, my 16 inch league wouldn’t even allow the Padres to do what they did to the Cubs last night. And I post this why? Because as they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Can’t wait for 2 years from now when we look back and laugh at these type of nights. It will all be worth it, I swear.