Bouncer Absolutely DESTROYS Drunk College Kid Outside Of Bar For Reasons Unknown

Bouncers are like bounty hunters; no one knows how far they can go, but everyone’s pretty sure they can get away with murder. And this guy….may have just gotten away with murder. I wouldn’t be surprised if that kid had some sort of internal bleeding after taking those hits. Not only did the bouncer chase him down and crack him in the face a la me in Rough N Rowdy,

he kept hitting him after the fact. Which is fine in the UFC, but incredibly dirty if your job is to maintain order and avoid violence.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s one thing if someone keeps coming back for more, but the vast majority of the time hitting someone while they’re down is a scumbag move. The only other time it’s okay to hit someone while they’re down is if they mention their dad during the altercation. Like this kid.

I’m assuming that’s what happened here. Videos like these remind me of why I don’t ever mess with bouncers. They’re constantly teetering on the edge, looking for an excuse to kick someone’s ass. Because that’s exactly why they signed up– to fight. Hopefully he was so drunk he doesn’t remember what happened. Although based on how easily he was able to back peddle after getting cracked in the face that seems unlikely.