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Rick Pitino Will Be The Last Top Coach Fired For Off The Court/Field Issues


I started thinking about this yesterday when re-reading all the Urban Meyer stuff. The more and more I think about it, the more I truly believe that Rick Pitino will be the last top coach fired for stuff that happens off the court/field. The fact is the NCAA is a business and at these blueblood programs keeping a coach that wins matters.

That’s what happened at Ohio State. If Urban Meyer was say someone like Butch Jones at Tennessee, they’d fire him for clause and do everything possible to try and bring in Bob Stoops. That’s just the name of the game now. If you win and win a lot, you have the leash to get away with things.

That is unless you’re Rick Pitino and even then look at what it took for him to get fired. He survived the Karen Sypher ordeal and the abortion. He even survived the hookers in the dorms. It ultimately took an FBI investigation for him to get fired. That’s what it’s going to take going forward to fire these top all-time coaches.

Listen, I’m not trying to sit here and talk from my high horse or anything like that. It’s just the nature of college sports. We need to start taking it for what it is. A minor league and a business. That’s why I hate the NCAA despite loving college basketball and football. They try and force this bullshit we care about the kids, we’re all about amateurism and love of the game. That’s not what it’s about at all. It’s all about bringing in as much money as possible and profiting off of not allowing kids to make any money.

So if you’re a fan of a blueblood program for football or basketball, feel comfortable. It will take a massive investigation and massive sanctions against your team for your coach to get fired for lack of winning. You don’t have to worry about anything small forcing them out.