Pretty Awesome Drug Tunnel Underneath A Kentucky Fried Chicken

Well that’s pretty awesome. I actually find myself thinking about things like this all the time. You see, I’ve watched Breaking Bad a lot. So obviously that’s my first thought when I see a drug tunnel from a KFC to a house in Mexico- Los Pollos Hermanos. At this point if you aren’t using your fast food restaurant as an undercover drug spot, what are you even doing? And it gets me to thinking, how many elaborate drug tunnels do we have out there? Seems pretty easy to do. I mean, think about how many real tunnels we have, and how they don’t make any sense. I’m sure you’ve gotten high and talked to your friends about how the concept of tunnels blows your mind. Just like a casual road through the freaking ocean, no big deal. So if it’s that easy to build miles of tunnels underneath water, it has to be extremely easy to build tunnels underneath fast food joints to move drugs back and forth.Yes sure, years of planning and engineers and brilliant minds build actual tunnels so they won’t collapse, but this doesn’t seem too shabby either:


Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.25.14 AM Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.25.04 AM


Also, maybe I’m just spitballin here, but while we’re on the topic of tunnels, we need way more tunnels in the world. Traffic in NYC is so awful. Everything should be multilayered. I don’t know the logistics, but underground should be like express-lanes where you don’t have to worry about bikers or busses or anything like that. I guess that’s what the Subway is for but my point remains- more tunnels please.

Anyway, I could really go for some meth right now.