Bold: Kent State Gun Girl Goes Undercover To Ask About Kent State Gun Girl

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Kaitlin Bennett of Kent State grad photo fame is back in the spotlight again for returning to campus in disguise to ask students about… herself.

Dating myself here but it kind of reminded me of She’s All That where Laney takes off her glasses & Freddie Prinze Jr. is like “WHOAAAA!” even though she still looks exactly the same.

Anyways, since no one asked, if there’s a few things I can say about Bennett it’s 1) great hair, 2) she knows how to shake things up for those sweet, sweet page view$ and 3) as someone who enjoys shooting, for the love of all that is holy please stop being weird. There’s plenty of rational people who carry out there but unfortunately they’re not the newsworthy voices of “#2A”.

Gun rights & issues like carrying on campus are important conversations to have but there’s no need to challenge Parkland student David Hogg to an arm wrestling contest, or own the libs with overdone attempted plastic straw jokes or go overboard on buzzwords. If you’re still using ‘triggered’ & ‘snowflakes’ in an un-ironic way, you lame.

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Bennett has seemingly become a darling of what I’ll call ‘Planet Alex Jones’ where the atmosphere is thick with alarmist come-and-take-it-tin-foil-hat vibes & what they believe to be clever ‘owns’ of those who oppose their views. She seems to embrace the trope of ‘man on the street’ that all sides of the political spectrum are guilty of which predictably follows the pattern of, “Do you know what X is? No?! Ha! Hey viewers who have the exact same views as me, the people we don’t agree with are idiots.”

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Side note – self evaluating, I’m about a 6 in the right lighting but I feel like I could crush as a #2A 10 smokeshow if I took some well angled pics with an AR15. You’d be blowin’ the erection port covers off your M4s. Alright, GTG. Hi Haters! is about to start on SiriusXM channel 85………..

Hey there fellow stoolies, #SAFTB, one bite! And hey what do U think about Barstool Kate? She’s not here so U Can b honest.