What Can't Jayson Tatum Do?

Incredible. Just when you thought all Jayson Tatum was good for was becoming the next great NBA superstar, here he comes and also lets you know he is the next great actor of our generation. Some Footlocker commercials can be hit or miss, but they knocked this one out of the park if you ask my extremely unbiased opinion. It had everything you want in a commercial. There was suspense, there was a dashing leading role, and the best part was they played at the nostalgia heartstrings. Granted there’s no chance Jayson Tatum remembers anything about the 90s considering he was born in 1998, but this acting job has me convinced he was there for the whole 90s run.

In terms of the actual shoe? It’s OK I guess, doesn’t really get my blood pumping if you know what I mean. I’m more interested in that Super Soaker to be honest, those things fucking RULED as a kid. This bad boy changed my life and I guarantee it did for you as well if you were lucky enough to have one



My only concern is that this gave Tatum some sort of virus. You see all those pop up windows? We all know those were the kiss of death to your Compaq PC that you got only to do homework and pretend to be a lesbian on in a chat room on AOL. I should have known that the first commercial we saw from Tatum would be the best thing to grace the internet/TV, the kid just has it. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I see a certain award (other than MVP, Finals MVP, etc) in Tatum’s future…..



Poor Ben Simmons and Sixers fans everywhere, not only do they have to deal with Tatum shitting all over them both on the court, it’s also translated to Footlocker commercials too. Rough.