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John Cena Has Bicep Veins Bigger Than My Dick


First of all, let me start by saying that I’m not sure if this is a reblog. The picture has been out for a while so I’m sure someone else has blogged about how John Cena has bigger bicep veins than their dick. Also, please dont not ask me for a picture of my dick. I will NOT provide. Glad to have that finally in writing. Stop asking.

Second of all, ladies, yall tryin to fuck this man? I couldn’t see myself with someone like John. He spends more time on his triceps and biceps than our relationceps and that’s not ok with me. We get it, dude. You are on an intermitting fasting workout. It works for both of us. You are vascular as hell but where does that get you? Plus, no one likes it when you mention your diet and workout program. Proof? I haven’t even mentioned my spin bike that gets here tomorrow because no one will care that I downloaded an app that Im excited to use because I think this weight is just gonna fall off. Would I like to share that part of my life with the beloved readers who love me? Of course but there’s a balance between typing out the important stuff and knowing that people dont care about the minutia. Like me, John will figure that out too. I have no doubt.