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PETA Is Putting Up Billboards In Baltimore Asking People To Stop Eating Crabs And Go Vegan. Hey PETA, GFY

Crabs are friends, not food. That’s what billboards near the Baltimore Inner Harbor are saying in an attempt to get people to go vegan.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has plastered billboards near seafood restaurants in Baltimore as part of a nationwide campaign to get seafood off people’s plates.

The billboard displays a colorful blue crab and says, “I’m ME, Not MEAT. See the Individual. Go Vegan.”

The posters are located near seafood restaurants such as Phillips Seafood, Mo’s Fisherman’s Wharf, McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks, The Oceanaire Seafood Room and Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

“Just like humans, crabs feel pain and fear, have unique personalities, and value their own lives,” said Tracy Reiman, executive vice president of PETA. “PETA’s billboard aims to give Charm City residents some food for thought about sparing sensitive marine animals the agony of being boiled alive or crushed to death in fishing nets, simply by going vegan.”


The billboards will remain up through Sept. 15, when the Baltimore Seafood Festival will be held.”

Good ol’ PETA trying to tell us what not to eat again. This time they have their sights set on Baltimore, Maryland, home of the best seafood in the country. They’re trying to tell the fine people of Charm City that they shouldn’t eat crabs. Umm, with all due respect, you can get the fuckkkk out of my face with that. Baltimore has things called “Ceasefire Weekends” where they ask members of the city not to shoot each other, and that doesn’t work. But PETA thinks billboards asking people not to eat crabs and to go vegan is going to work? HA! I mean there is literally a less than 0% chance anyone even thinks to stop eating crabs because of these dumb signs.

The more you tell ME to not eat something, I’m going to eat it, unless it’s some weird shit Donnie is eating. But seriously, you think telling me that crabs have feelings and feel fear is going to stop me from eating them? No way, not now, not never.

Imagine PETA going into Philly and asking them not to eat cheesesteaks. Hey PETA, maybe take some of that money you spent on these billboards and go to an animal shelter and rescue some dogs, animals people actually like, ever think of that? Seems like a better way to get on people’s good side and a better use of that cash. Eating crabs and seafood isn’t an option in Baltimore, it’s a way of life, hon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Jimmys Seafood to eat a million crab pretzels topped off with a Bloody Mary with half a crab claw in it followed up with a big bowl of cream of crab soup. Suck on that you grass loving losers.