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8+ innings. 5 hits. 1 walk. 0 runs. 9 strikeouts. 1 gigantic set of nuts. Aaron Nola gets win number 15 on the year vs arguably the best pitcher in the game in the most important contest of the season for the Phillies. It seems like this guy was, is, and will be lights out in any monumental moment. The stuff he’s been throwing all year has been filthy enough to the point I feel like taking a shower. Look at the movement on this curve. LOOK AT IT.

And it’s been that way all season. Not to mention Nola’s been cocking it back in the clutch. 2 outs, bottom 8, go ahead run coming to the plate…who just happens to be Bryce Harper. What does Nola do? He grabs his sack and shakes it back.

Nola may not win the Cy Young over Scherzer or DeGrom (even though both took L’s today) but he certainly has stamped himself as one of the best pitchers in the game. And he’s only 25. If that doesn’t make it move to the moon then I don’t know what to tell you other than you probably have adequate sexual tendencies. Oh, and props to Odubel Herrara for stepping it up when it matters. Don’t want Odubel to get hot down the stretch. Need it.

The bleeding, in the meantime, has been stopped. Which is huge. The Phillies were looking like they suffered from Hemophilia before this one. Now ring that bell, dammit. RING IT.