Here We Have Two Old Guys Duking It Out In The Middle Of The Highway


Yesssssssssss. Amazing. I love watching old dudes fight. That was awesome. Few things are better than watching two guys who are pushing 60 years old just throwing slobber knockers at each other. It doesn’t get much better than that. Don’t get me wrong, watching young dudes try to kill each other in a street fight is fun as well but they do it for fun. Old dudes are different. Old dudes have so much pent up rage and aggression from family life that they’re ready to fight over just about anything including traffic. Old dudes deal with bills and mortgages and college tuitions and marital problems and erectile disfunction and moody teenagers and whatever other stresses go along with being a grown adult male in 2018. They’re an angry bunch and they’re ready to fight as we just witnessed.

We might have to start recruiting old guys to fight in Rough N Rowdy. Now there’s an idea. We’ve got the young demographic down. Every fighter now is usually in their 20s or 30s so we might as well move onto older fighters. We need an Old Timers division. You’re telling me you wouldn’t wanna watch two retirees fight at RnR? You would. They’d be easy to find too cause, like I said, every old dude you see on the street has tons of pent up rage and aggression. Let’s do it.